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'THIS TOO,' an electrifying continuation of the soulful journey started from their cult classic release 'THIS.' With jazz undertones and an uptempo approach, Beatchild & Häzel have found the perfect balance of music to lounge to or get loose on the dance floor. This time around, Häzel was a guest in Beatchild's city of Toronto, where they took the same sample-based approach in creating the neck-snapping grooves while adding real instruments where needed.

While the album still retains the sophistication and attention to detail that fans have come to expect from these two skilled multi-instrumentalist and producers, the uptempo tracks give the album a new energy and a more upbeat vibe. Tracks like 'Faux Rouges,' 'Fast Thing,' and the album's title track 'This Too' showcase the duo's ability to seamlessly blend Jazz influences with Dance and Boom Bap, resulting in a masterclass in jazz-inspired instrumentations.

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