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Mon, Feb 13, 2023


Soul Movement Recordings Launches as Boutique Music Production Label

Toronto, Canada - Soul Movement Recordings is thrilled to announce the official launch of its new boutique music label in collaboration with Beatchild Productions. With a focus on providing a structured platform for like-minded artists and developing talent, the label's mission is to give them access to the resources they need to write, record, produce, and release outstanding records.

With a music and artist first philosophy, Soul Movement Recordings will specialize in releasing singles and EPs, with limited vinyl and cassette tape runs. The label was inspired by the Soul Movement series, a producer album series first released in 2008 and followed by Vol. 2 in 2014, under the direction of label founder and producer Byram "Beatchild" Joseph. The Soul Movement brand has always been a platform for showcasing diverse talent, both known and unknown.

The evolution into an artist-first label eliminates the need for artists to worry about the upfront costs of producing, recording, mixing, and mastering music. Soul Movement Recordings is open to collaboration with potential artists and business partners.

Dedicated to promoting and producing the best in soul, funk, R&B, Alt-Pop, and beyond, Soul Movement Recordings is eager to share its vision and work with artists who share its passion for creating great music.

For more information, please contact Soul Movement Recordings.


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