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The Soul Movement series by Beatchild, a showcase of profound musical artistry, takes listeners on a soulful journey blending the essence of neo-soul with the upbeat energy of jazz and dance music. Beginning with Soul Movement Vol. 1, the series sets a new standard in the neo-soul genre.


It's a compilation that stands out for its cohesive blend of solo cuts and collaborative tracks, featuring prominent Canadian artists like Drake and Shad. This volume, brimming with twenty tracks, offers a fresh perspective on soul and hip-hop, marked by its laid-back production style and tranquil cuts. It's not just an album; it's an

experience of relaxing and optimistic music, perfect for unwinding or introspective moments, deviating from the conventional soul soundtracks and leaning towards a more easygoing vibe​​.

Advancing to Soul Movement Vol. 2, the series elevates its musical exploration with an electrifying continuation of the journey. In this installment, Beatchild & Häzel unite again to create a perfect equilibrium between lounge-worthy melodies and dancefloor rhythms. Recorded in Toronto, the album retains the sophistication and meticulous attention to detail that fans have come to expect, while introducing a lively, upbeat energy. It's a masterclass in blending jazz influences with elements of Dance and Boom Bap. Tracks like 'Faux Rouges,' 'Fast Thing,' and 'This Too' exemplify the duo's prowess in creating neck-snapping grooves enriched with jazz-inspired instrumentations, real instruments, and sample-based approaches​​.

Overall, the Soul Movement series is a testament to Beatchild's dedication to evolving the soul genre. It eschews chronology in favor of an innate sense of groove, feel, and texture, focusing on each beat's smoothly languid and soulful production​​. This series is not just music; it's an artistic statement, a blend of genres, and a journey through different moods and styles, inviting listeners to explore the depths of modern soul music.

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