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"THIS," a remastered release of the acclaimed 6-track instrumental album, is a quintessential collection of compositions born from the long-standing friendship and unparalleled stylings of producers Häzel & Beatchild (formerly Slakah the Beatchild).

Created during a week in 2011 when Beatchild traveled from Toronto to Paris to meet Häzel in person for the first time, the album invites listeners on a nostalgic journey through a tapestry of meticulously arranged sounds, from the crackles of vintage samples to the pulse of signature beats.

With its seamless fusion of soulful sounds and carefully selected samples, "THIS" is a feast for the senses that transports listeners to an ethereal realm of sound. Each of the 6 tracks holds its own, offering an immersive listening experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

An unparalleled musical experience, "THIS" is a must-listen for fans of sophisticated musical artistry and is certain to captivate and enthrall audiences for years to come.

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